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   Experts who open a bright future for Elementary Education with ideas and passion are    trained.

Training elementary education experts through the research of theories and practice in elementary

Studying theories and practices of elementary education following majors and applying these to
real school situations.

Teachers who continually research professional knowledge to do with Elementary Education .

1995. 11. 10.

Official Approval for Master's Course in Graduate School.

1996. 02. 22.

Revised Decree for National School Establishment

1996. 03. 01.

Opening Graduate School at Gongju National University of Education
(Seasonal Semesters: 4 Master's Courses in Department of Elementary Education)

1996. 11. 01.

Adjusting Student Number limit in 1997
(Opening Master's course for Elementary Social Study Major)

1997. 11. 17.

Adjusting Student Number limit in 1998
(Opening Master's courses for Educational Administration and Scholarship Major,
Elementary Physical Education Major, Elementary Fine Arts Major, Elementary
Computer Education)

1998. 11. 16.

Adjusting Student Number limit in 1999
(Opening Master's Course for Elementary Ethics Education, Elementary Mathematics
Education, Elementary Music Education, Elementary Practical Arts Education,
Elementary Educational Psychology and Counselling, Elementary Education for the

1999. 11. 19.

Adjusting Student Number limit in 2000
(Changing Elementary Educational Psychology and Counselling to Elementary
Educational Psychology/Counselling)

2000. 10. 25.

Adjusting Student Number limit in 2001
(Combining Elementary Education Methods major and Elementary Education
Administration and Scholarships to Elementary School Education major)

2003. 10. 08.

Adjusting Student Number limit in 2004
(Dividing Elementary School Education major into Elementary Education Methods
major  and Elementary Education Administration and Scholarship)

Applicants with elementary teacher's license and graduate-to-be from University of Education


6 Seasonal Semesters


- Elementary Korean Education

- Elementary Physical Education

- Elementary Mathematics Education

- Elementary Education for the disabled

- Elementary Science Education

- Elementary Fine Arts Education

- Elementary Music Education

- Elementary Educational Methods

- Elementary English Education

- Elementary Computer Education

- Elementary Practical Arts Education

- Elementary Education Administration and Scholarship

- Elementary Social Study Education

- Elementary Ethics Education

- Elementary Educational Psychology and Counselling