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By training teachers with an international perspective, we make their dreams come true with visit to world leading universities.

In the education field, efforts to understand global culture and to grow an international perspective are encouraged. We can communicate with world leading universities through globalized programs. Sisterhood, overseas culture experiences and language study in foreign countries will help you to grow as a teacher with an international perspective.




 Language programs in New-Zealand and USA twice a year during the vacation for 20 days.

Language programs, life cultural experiences through home-stay with native families, and class      observation in foreign elementary schools at Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology in New      Zealand and University of Oregon in USA, help students to develop an international perspective and      enhance their qualities as teachers.



The university selected 4 undergraduates [Ahn Hey-sung, Lee Ho-yeon, Jeong Yun-hee majoring in English Education and Yoo Ji-eun majoring in Music Education] as exchange students to go to Western Oregon University on March 14th, 2007 and supplied scholarships to the students. The students departed from In-cheon International airport on September 8th, 2008. This was the first step to begin their life as citizens of the world representing Gongju national university of education. They started taking the courses from the Fall semester which began in September 2008. They will come back to this university in July, 2009 after finishing 3 semesters in Fall, Spring and Summer.



During the summer vacation, students can go abroad and experience a variety of foreign cultures

Students submit their proposals about the countries that they would like to visit and experience,

    and the university selects the excellent proposals and supports them with scholarships